Long Neck, Delaware

long-neck-landingLong Neck, Delaware – Located in Sussex County, Delaware, Long Neck is a beach resort community with a small town America feel. With just 2.5 square miles of land and water combined, Long Neck isn’t a very big community, but it is well-known for its golf and water access. Despite it’s small size, Long Neck has an abundance of open space and natural beauty nestled among the forests, fields, marshes and waterways.


What You Will Find

  • Beaches – Free
  • Bird Watching
  • Golf
  • Shopping

Complete Guide to Long Neck, Delaware

About Long Neck, DE
Learn about Long Neck, DE and some of the reasons to visit this great destination.

Places to Stay
Find a place to stay in Long Neck, DE and read reviews from previous visitors.

Places to Eat
Taste Long Neck’s cuisine and experience some of the best night clubs on the east coast.

Long Neck Events
All of Long Neck’s events in one place.

Driving Directions
Plan your trip to Long Neck, DE with insider tips and point to point directions.

History of Long Neck, DE
Read about the fantastic history of Long Neck and find the best historical sites to visit.

Religious Services
Find a place to worship with while you are vacationing in Long Neck, DE.

Tides for Long Neck, DE
Get tide information, near and outer coastal forecasts as well as Buoy and CMAN data for Long Neck, DE

Weather for Long Neck, DE
Know what to wear by checking the weather forecast for Long Neck, DE.

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