Shrek the Musical

Shrek the Musical

Ever want to spend the night hanging out with an ogre and a donkey?  How about a snarky gingerbread man and a couple members of a royal family?  Shrek the Musical has all of the characters that you love from the Dreamworks animated film brought to life, and they’re going to entertain you from the first note until they close the curtains.

If you’re not familiar, Shrek is a story that follows a bright green ogre who is happy at the start of the story with his quiet life in a swamp living by himself.  His life is interrupted by fairytale characters who have been banished from their land and begin to infiltrate his. Shrek does not like this intrusion of new characters, so he decides he is going to figure out a way to get all of the fairytale characters out of his land and get them back where they belong far, far away from him.  That is where his expedition begins.  Through his adventure, he becomes a (first unwilling) hero and takes his sidekick, a sassy donkey, along the ride with him on a journey for the ages.  Shrek and Donkey do not have the smoothest time during their quest, but eventually they work together to reach Princess Fiona.  However, in a plot twist, they realize that Fiona does not want to be rescued by an ogre and a donkey.   Shrek didn’t expect the princess who they were rescuing to become the final hurdle in rescuing her.  

Family members of all ages will enjoy following Shrek and Donkey from start to finish.  The musical numbers are intricate and the songs bring the already great story to the next level.

Shrek the Musical will be running from Wednesday, Jun. 29 – Thursday, Sep. 1, 2016.  It’s being presented by the brilliant Clear Space Theatre Company, and the prices are between $15 and $35.  


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